The worlds first Black Seed Oil & Honey Gummies

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The Ancient Remedy

What Our Customers Say

Black seed oil has so many benefits but I can’t swallow the pills . Having these as gummies makes it so easy to take them. I keep mine in the refrigerator and it makes them even taste better. Highly recommend them.

Janice W

Taste great and easy to take. My kids love them. Also take them before working out, gives a nice boost of energy.

Anna P

What an innovative product! The gummies are tasty and very tempting to finish in one sitting. I don't taste any bitterness at all, and that's crazy because black seed oil is usually very bitter to ingest. I will be ordering more in the future.

Johan A

I have never liked gummies ever in my life. This is my first time trying & I am 4 decades old ;) I feel so energetic and huge difference in my sleeping pattern! Please send me free shipping code!!!!!! I wanna keep on placing the orders ☺️
P.S “my husband’s a gummy thief”

Sadia K

I keep a bottle near my desk at work because it reminds me to take them and helps with my mood and energy! The only downside is how tasty they are, I could finish a whole bottle in a week if I wanted.

Sam T